Live Streaming

St. George's has gone LIVE!!

[Mass with Facebook Live Streaming]
Sunday: 10.00 am
Wednesday: 12.00 pm
Thursday: 19.30 pm
Saturday: 12.00 pm
*The Order of Service will be available below for you to download. 

[Thoughts for the Night]
Sunday - Friday: 22.00
* For a short (approximately 10 minutes) reflective Live Streaming from one of our clergy at St. George's or a guest.
A pre-recorded video clip might be used.

If you wish to download the Order of Service, click the button below.

Due to the COVID-19, all Public Worship at St. George's has been suspended until further notice. In order to support all members of congregation and those who need spiritual support, we are going to begin Facebook Live Streaming Service from Sunday 22 March 2020.


Please, visit our Facebook Page for Live Streaming Service, and if you have an account with Facebook, press 'like' and 'follow'. Also feel free to share our Live Streaming Video with people within your network, so that more people can be reached.

** If you don't have Facebook account, please visit Fr. Taemin's Youtube Channel (More Tea Vicar) for all videos. It is not a 'Live Streaming' yet you will find all previous videos. The link is below.

Although we cannot worship in our church, we will continually offer our prayers together in Spirit and I believe that this will help us to deepen our love towards God and our neighbour.

If you know anyone who live alone, who are in difficult situation, please let us know. We will do our best to support them.


May God bless you all and stay safe.


Fr. Taemin Oh 

*The church will remain shut until further notice.

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