Our main worship of the week

We have two services on Sundays.


8.30 am     Said Mass: Simple, said Mass in the Lady Chapel.

10.00 am   Sung Parish Mass: All in full swing, followed by coffee.


Sunday Mass at 10.00am is our main worship of the week, which lasts approximately 75 minutes. 

* 2nd Sundays of the month: Parade Service
* 3rd Sundays of the month: Mothers Union Service



Peaceful, simple services during the week

We have said Mass on;

Monday           *7.15 pm (only if we have a PCC meeting)

Wednesday   *10.00 am 

Thursday          7.30 pm  

Saturday           9.00 am 

Said Mass lasts approximately 45 minutes, usually with a short homily.

* We have coffee or tea after Mass in the Vestry on Wednesdays.

* For more information, please check WHAT'S ON menu on the top.



How to book a baptism or wedding service?

Baptism Service takes place as a part of our main Sunday 10.00am Parish Mass and usually on the 1st or the 4th Sunday of the month. For a Baptism Service, you need to complete the Application Form, which you can download.


If you live in different parish, we recommend you to contact your own parish church. To find out your own parish church, visit Church Near You website.

For a *Wedding Service, please speak with our parish priest for more details. 

*For Wedding Service, our parish priest will not be able to do remarriage or same-sex marriage. 

* For Banns of Marriage, it takes three weeks (three consecutive Sundays).


All other services in St. George's

We do have many special services to reflect the season, so please check WHAT'S ON or CALENDAR for more information. 

If you would like to arrange a meeting/visit to your house or hospital, please contact one of our clergy.




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